The Modern Western Healthcare System Does Not Heal

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May 11, 2021

The modern Western « health » system is an economic machine that has no interest in healing you. A healed customer is a lost customer. Yes, customer.
The « health » system only deals with masking or suppressing your symptoms with chemical drugs which will certainly suppress your symptoms, but will not cure the cause of your disease and will only move the problem to another part of the body.

The body is only sick because there is an imbalance, mostly due to either a nutrient deficiency or chemical poisoning. Chemical drugs do not in any way regulate your deficiency but contribute greatly to your chemical poisoning!

I decided to launch my YouTube channel « The Candida Slayer » in October 2018, to share my knowledge on health, with a focus on intestinal health and medicinal plants

After years of medical hassle, doctors who were not looking for the cause of my symptoms but only suppressing them with antibiotics, cortisone and other chemical trash, while worsening my condition, I finally began to find solutions with a naturopath.

But even this naturopath had its limits and I had to constantly do research on my own to finally heal completely, naturally.

I am now finally in perfect health, rid of chemical drugs and I flee conventional doctors like the plague. The less I see them, the healthier I am!

My Youtube channel, as well as this website, was launched to help as many people as possible to cure 100% naturally their gut issues, skin issues, food intolerances, etc.

The body is a whole, I look at the body as a whole and treat it as a whole to help you heal yourself.
When we give the body the nutrients it needs and the plants that help it rebalance, we are not only treating a symptom, an organ, but the body as a whole.

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