The Terrain Theory and The Germ Theory: How To No Longer Be Scared Of Viruses

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May 11, 2021

At the end of the 19th century in the scientific community, two theories were disputed: the germ theory defended by Pasteur and the terrain theory defended by Claude Bernard and Antoine Béchamp.

The germ theory defends the idea that microbes are the cause of disease.
The terrain theory defends the idea that the body’s environment, if it became unfavorable, is the cause of diseases.

The 20th century fully adopted the germ theory and put the terrain theory largely aside, despite Louis Pasteur having admitted on his death bed that Béchamp was right, that « the microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything « .

We have therefore learned since birth that, all our life, we are attacked by microbes, viruses, bacteria and fungi, for no apparent reason. It is enough that a virus passes near us, so that we catch it and become sick. It is enough that a bacteria is present in our food so that it attacks us viciously and that it makes us sick.

We learned that we have to kill germs, disinfect our hands, our utensils, our fruits and vegetables with chemical disinfectants, hydro-alcoholic gels, bleach, chlorine … our mouth with listerine and anti-bacterial toothpastes … our body with antibiotics …

We have learned that the only way to escape viruses is to get vaccines … Vaccines full of highly toxic products like aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, animal and fetus DNA…

But why, during epidemics, some people get sick and others do not?
Why is your friend Gérard catching everything while your neighbor Gisèle hasn’t caught a cold since 1983?

So yes, we still hear about immunity and we know that Gérard’s weak immunity makes him susceptible to catching anything and that Gisèle has super immunity which makes her invincible to nasty microbes.
But when you ask the doctors why you are sick all the time, they tell you that you have low immunity and that is how it is.
« Some are born with a large tablespoon of immunity and others are born with a small teaspoon of immunity » that’s waht told me my doctor after he had just removed my tonsils at the age of 21.
So hey, it’s like that, it’s just bad luck if you have low immunity and it will be like that all your life. It can not be helped.

Weston A. Price, an American dentist from the early 20th century, traveled the world to meet isolated tribes who had never been in contact with civilization.
He wanted to understand why modern Americans had tons of cavities and diseases like tuberculosis, when isolated tribes were unaware of these diseases.
He discovered that diet was the cause of good or bad health. Good or bad immunity.
He studied the diets of the « primitive » people and compared them to the diet of Westerners. He observed that in his time, in the 1930s, the Western diet contained 4 times less water-soluble vitamins than the diet of « primitives » and 10 times less fat-soluble vitamins!

He proved that cavities had nothing to do with brushing your teeth or oral hygiene but were due to a diet deficient in vitamins and minerals.

He showed that diseases like tuberculosis, birth defects and Down’s syndrome were all due to mineral and vitamin deficiencies.

He demonstrated that microbes are not the cause of disease, but that a nutrient-poor diet is.

He analyzed the mineral content of the soils and already in its time, the soils were dramatically depleted and could not provide enough nutrients to plants and therefore to humans. 

When we look at history, we realize that the great epidemics (plague, cholera, Spanish flu) all took place after long wars or long months of famines, of course leading to severe deficiencies in vitamins and minerals in populations.

After decades of war declared on microbes, after decades of antibiotics, finally in the 2000s we began to recognize that the intestine was actually not sterile, that it was actually full of billions of bacteria, viruses and fungi, that these microbes were not a problem but on the contrary, we cannot be healthy without them!

We have even started to question certain common procedures such as the removal of the tonsils and of the appendix which, it was thought until then, were « useless ». 
Recent scientific studies suggest that the appendix is ​​a reservoir of our original microbiota, whose function is to be able to quickly repopulate the intestine after a dysentery or any other event which would empty your intestine of its microbes, like antibiotic therapy for example. ..

Despite these recent advances, we still live in a world that believes that a coronavirus will indiscriminately kill all of humanity and that there is nothing we can do about it.
A world that believes that viruses spin in the air and attack those who are unlucky enough to be in their way.
A world where you are advised to disinfect yourself from head to toe to be safe and be afraid of your neighbor.
Why do some people get it, why other people don’t, why do some people die from it, why other people don’t even have symptoms? That’s how it is and we can’t do nothing about it they tell us.

And yet we can!
Here’s a scoop: you will be invincible to any virus or bacteria if your diet provides all the vitamins and minerals your body needs and if you do not poison yourself with modern chemical poisons (glyphosate, chlorinated water, colorants and preservatives, antibiotics and other chemical drugs).

Until we understand that diseases are due to poor nutrition and / or chemical poisoning, we will not get out of these nonsense of the modern medical world.

I am not saying that the germ theory is entirely false, but the terrain theory is far more important in the role it plays in our health.
Bacteria, viruses and fungi are already in you and all around you. These microbes only become pathogenic when your terrain is weakened.

Take back your power, your freedom and your independance by educating yourself about health and nutrition, and don’t let anyone else control you with fear.

« Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hate and hate leads to violence. This is the equation. » Averroes

« Freedom begins where ignorance ends. » Victor Hugo

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