Mike, The Heal Your Gut Guy, Has Gone Insane

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March 17, 2021

I decided to write this article and to make a video about it because apparently my Youtube channel is targeted by Mike’s advertisements. With his ads, he’s promoting GNM as the miracle cure and he’s promoting junk food and I cannot let him confuse my audience.

I had great respect for Mike and his work until he started this German New Medicine craziness.

Mike created his Youtube channel in 2018 if I’m not mistaken and he had been doing a wonderful job of promoting natural healing through diet and natural supplements.

He based his nutritional advice on Weston A. Price’s book « Nutrition and Physical Degeneration ». Mike introduced me to Weston A. Price’s work and I’m very grateful for this. This book is truly life changing.

Mike healed many people from gut diseases naturally with his protocol that was based on a nutrient-dense, easy to digest, Weston A. Price’s type of diet and on herbal remedies and probiotics to restore the gut microbiome.
He had a great success rate with his program but he felt frustrated that some people did not heal despite of all their efforts and despite following his protocol to the T.

He then kept looking for the missing piece of the puzzle, he kept researching and questioning his protocol. We have to give him credit for this, because most people don’t like to question their believes.

But unfortunately he shifted to an extreme, cult-like behavior and just decided to go full on GNM and to throw all of his old principles to the garbage. He says now that diet doesn’t matter and he even promotes McDonald’s on his channel.

This, to me, is a very shocking 180 degree turn, and it can be very confusing and even dangerous for fragile and easily influenced people who are desperate to heal.

German New Medicine

In a nutshell, it is a theory that says that diseases originate from unexpected emotional shocks (for example you had a huge fight with a loved one, one day) and tracks reminding you of this shock keeps you in the « healing phase » (the symptomatic phase). For example if you had this huge fight in a pizzeria, in spring, with your girlfriend or boyfriend… tracks will be things that remind your subconscious of this shock : pizza, spring pollens, anything that reminds you of this person… and you will become intolerant to pizza, to pollen, or you will get symptoms every time you think about the person… so, according to GNM, to heal your physical diseases, you need to find your original conflict shock, to find your tracks, and then to convince yourself that pizza is safe, pollen is safe and that’s how you’ll heal.

Well, yes, it has been proven that emotional shocks are the root of many diseases and that something that reminds you of this shock can trigger symptoms. I don’t argue about that and I absolutely agree that healing your psyche and detoxing emotions is very important to heal your body. But i don’t agree with Mike when he says that GNM is the one and only cure to all. That it’s a miracle cure and that nothing else counts. And i absolutely don’t agree when he says that food doesn’t matter to the point where you can eat anything you want, even when you’re in a flare… it is very dangerous advice. But i’ll detail that later…

The mind and the body are interconnected. Emotions absolutely influence the physical body and the food that you put in your body absolutely influences your mind and emotions. Nothing is just black or white, everything is interconnected.

The problem is that Mike wants to simplify health to the extreme, he wants to find ONE reason for diseases and ONE cure for all, but of course we all know that life is more complicated than that. The problem is that Mike has a god complex and would like to heal people with the wave of magic wand. He needs to accept that he won’t heal 100 % of his clients and that healing can take time.

Also, the argument that convinced Mike that GNM is absolutely right and not only a theory, is the « hamer focus » : when you have a diseased organ, a ring in the part of the brain where this organ is controlled, can be seen on a brain CT scan. That is supposed to show that diseases start in the brain. 

Well, to me, it just shows that the brain and the rest of the body are connected, we already know that and it’s not a revelation for me… When you injure a part of your body, your nerves send the information to your brain, so your brain can take action and send more blood with nutrients and white blood cells to the injured area, creating inflammation that is how the body heals. So, of course the brain will show activity in the area of your body that is injured…

Why promoting junk food is very wrong

Now, why promoting junk food is wrong ?

Well, because the raw ingredients in junk food are of the worst quality : devoid of nutrients, GMO, heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals like herbicides, fungicides, pesticides that we know create countless diseases like cancer, gut diseases and so much more…

Glyphosate, the most famous herbicide, is a patented antibiotic. Eating foods heavily sprayed with glyphosate, like conventional wheat or corn, destroys your gut flora. I put here the link to a great study about glyphosate:


You know that glyphosate is bad, but you don’t know how bad. Please read this study, it will blow your mind.

Junk food is filled with toxic, rancid, hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenated oils are made from the cheapest oils (soy, corn, cottonseed or canola), already rancid from the extraction process. These oils are mixed with metal particles, usually nickel oxide. It is then subjected to hydrogen gas in a high-pressure, high-temperature reactor. Then soap-like emulsifiers and starch are added into the mix; it is then deodorized and bleached because its natural color is grey. Yummy, right?

Hydrogenation creates trans fats, rarely found in nature. These man-made trans fats are toxins to the body, the digestive system does not recognize them as such. Instead of being eliminated, trans fats are incorporated into cell membranes as if they were cis fats and your cells actually become partially hydrogenated! Trans fatty acids with their misplaced hydrogen atoms wreak havoc in cell metabolism.

For more details about the dangers of vegetable oils, please read this article from the Weston A. Price Foundation:

Junk foods are filled with preservatives that basically are chemical antibiotics and antifungals, that stop the food from rotting. We all have seen these pictures of eternal Mc Donalds fries or burgers, that don’t change and still look perfectly fresh after years in a drawer… bacteria, fungi or insects won’t eat it, but you will ?…

And i’m not even mentioning all of the other nasty chemicals like synthetic dyes, toxic flavor enhancers, fake GMO sugars, synthetic vitamins…. 

Junk food is not only bad for you but it is horrible for the planet and for the animals. Junk food meat is made from sick animals who had a short, horrible life, who were imprisonned their whole life in small boxes where then can’t even walk or lay down, they never went outside, never got sunshine on their body, they were fed with garbage, made fat with growth hormones and of course because of this treatment they are sick most of their life and therefore pumped with antibiotics and vaccines. How can you believe that eating such meat is in any way good for you ?

How can you support this horrible industry by buying their toxic products ? Why would you want such horrendous industry to prosper?

Plant foods in junk foods as we said earlier are mostly GMO, heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals, not only poisoning you but all life on earth: it poisons the soils, the animals, the insects, the water.

Plant foods in junk food come from intensive farming : thousands of acres of forests are cut down to grow wheat, corn, soy, sugar beets… this type of agriculture is unsustainable, it kills the soils, therefore the soils are devoid of nutrients and as a result, these plants are given chemical fertilizers to grow. 

Eating refined foods, devoid of nutrients, depletes your body from vitamins and minerals. Your body has to take nutrients out from your bones and flesh to be able to process and assimilate refined foods.
It was shown by the french scientist Magendie in his experiment with dogs:
dogs fed with only water mixed with refined sugar died before dogs fed with nothing but water.


I could say so much more but I will stop here. 

The goal for healing your gut should not to be able to eat junk food again and destroy your gut again as well as destroying nature.

I healed my gut and I can too eat junk if I want to and I sometimes do. But even tho I can eat junk, I choose the type of junk I’ll eat. I never eat at Mc Donalds or KFC or whatever horrible fast food chains because I don’t want to support their criminal industry with my money. 
I eat local junk food, like local pizzas or burgers or fries in local restaurants. Of course I’m not saying it’s good in any way, because they still often use very bad ingredients. But I choose the lesser of two evils. And I will never promote junk food. Since I healed I have never promoted anything other than healthy food and healthy lifestyle. 

Getting sick is actually a blessing because it opens your eyes to how the industry works, how your body works, how wonderful and precious your body is and why a natural lifestyle is so important.
Once you learn about health, you want to respect and honor your body. You don’t want to use it as a garbage can anymore.

I cannot understand how someone who has studied nutrition and who has read and taught Weston A Price’s work would want to eat and promote junk. To me, it’s beyond comprehension. 






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